We want to

Feed every child
something nutritious

Who we are?

JV Foodworks Pvt Ltd, manufactures and sells healthy & nutritional snacks (fortified with micro vitamins & minerals) under the brand name, “Hungry Foal”. Our proprietary and scale up recipes coupled with latest Food Tech, has helped us in achieving high quality & good taste and that too at a reduced cost. For the first time, we’ve introduced super ingredients like Oats etc. and that too in an affordable and cost effective way.

A Govt. of India recognized "Start-up" (DIPP3645)

Products developed in technical collaboration with SINED - TBI, NDRI, Karnal

Debt funding by State Bank of India under Stand Up India scheme

We started Hungry Foal for a Reason

As per the Joint child malnutrition estimates – 2017, released jointly by UNICEF, WHO and the World Bank, more than half of all wasted children in the world live in Southern Asia (including INDIA). As per this report, one among the many ways of preventing malnutrition is: “nutritious and safe foods in early childhood”. And, that’s what we are doing at Hungry Foal. We started with providing healthy & nutritional snacks to curb this menace of malnutrition in India. In the coming years, we’ll achieve our vision of providing healthy & nutritional meal @ USD 30 / child / month across the countries, severally affected by malnutrition. The ultimate aim is for all children to be free of nutritional deficiencies in all its forms.

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