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A set of key proven affordable, accessible & appealing nutritional products exist at Hungry Foal, that if implemented at sufficient scale, could reduce the burden of under nutrition and associated nutritional deficiencies.There is a clear need of affordable nutritional products which can address the problem of under nutrition at a mass level in a sustainable & scalable way. At Hungry Foal, by manufacturing & selling healthy & nutritional food products, we are making nutrition tasty, affordable & accessible to all. Our proprietary and scale up recipes coupled with latest Food Tech, has helped us in achieving high quality & good taste and that too at a reduced cost. Our cost effectiveness, coupled with high nutritional values, comes from application of advanced food technology.


Packed with energy of Oats, Nuts and Honey, these bars are dense, Chewy and flavourful. It’s a great breakfast time snack or on the go snack option.

Classic Energy Bites

Choco Energy Bites

Draped in rich cocoa and topped with decadent chocochips & nuts makes it a scrumptious choice for on the go snack or playtime snacks.

There are various other tastes you should try.

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Our Pride


Products at Hungry foal are formulated with inclusion of whole grains/super grains/nuts and other natural ingredients, which give an overall hearty, nutritious and wholesome promotion to the health of the consumers.


Our products are tailor made to suit the taste buds of all the age groups.Hungry Foal products are yummy and enjoyable to eat.They are a pure indulgence for the taste buds.From Classic to chocolate and other upcoming flavours, all are scrumptious.


Nuts are the natural energy boosters. Packed with protein, full of fibre and low on fat, oats are designed to boost your energy levels.Touted as a natural health wonder, it is nature’s energy booster. Benefits of other whole grains go beyond saying...


At Hungry Foal, we try to include whole grains / super grains / Nuts / Honey etc. in our various products, which make them highly nutritious and a fitting choice of snacks. All these ingredients are loaded with protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals ,antioxidants etc. Which impart a bountiful nutritional value to our products.


Inclusion of natural best ingredients into Hungry foal products is what we work upon.Our products are filled with whole grains / super grains / nuts / Honey etc and that itself is visible hallmark of authenticity.

High Energy

Food is a source of energy to our kids. Choosing the right type of food which contains right amount of energy, vitamins and minerals is very important. Conscious efforts are made at Hungry Foal to formulate the products which has high energy value to meet the requirement of our growing kids.

Let’s together achieve the vision of #MalnutritionfreeIndia !

With every five units of Hungry Foal products you purchase, you may donate a Hungry Foal product worth Rs. 5 to a child in need.

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