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Let's together feed every child something nutritious.

As per the 2016 Global Nutrition Report, Malnutrition is becoming the “New Normal” across the globe. Malnutrition is responsible for nearly half of all deaths of children under age 5, and, together with poor diets, is the number one driver of the global burden of disease. At least 57 countries experience serious levels of both undernutrition – including stunting and anemia. With one of the highest rates of child malnutrition in the world, India has gained unwelcome notoriety as one of the nutritional basket cases of the world over the past few years. In its annual calculations of the Gross Hunger Index (GHI) for 2016, The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) placed India at 97 among 118 developing countries. More than 5,000 Indian children below five years die every day due to malnourishment or lack of basic micronutrients like Vitamin A, iron, iodine, zinc or folic acid.

As per the joint child malnutrition estimates – 2017, released jointly by UNICEF, WHO and the World Bank, one among the many ways of preventing malnutrition is: “nutritious and safe foods in early childhood”. And, that’s what we are doing at Hungry Foal. For the first time, we’ve introduced super ingredients like Oats (which are rich in dietary fibres) & fortified food products (rich in Vitamins & minerals) to children in the lower income group (BoP) and that too in an affordable and cost effective way. Unlike a grant driven solution, our products offers sustainable, scalable & cost effective solution to the problem of malnutrition.

We’ve developed proprietary and scale up recipes using latest Food Tech, which has helped us in achieving high quality & good taste and that too at an economical cost of Rs 5 per 25 g. In addition to our regular products, we’ve been manufacturing & selling these economical & nutritious products to the children in real need. We’ve set up our own robust distribution channels to make our products accessible to these children and fight the epidemic of malnutrition in India.