Project Garbh (गर्भ)

Project Garbh (The Womb), an initiative by Hungry Foal, is aimed at Pregnant & lactating Women’s (PLW) Nutrition – during & after pregnancy. Under this initiative, every time you buy a Hungry Foal product, you help us donate customised range of snacks to pregnant and lactating women from the low-income group. We donate a certain % of our sales to manufacture and supply these customised ranges of snacks, with the help of our NGO Partner - Edwell Society, to pregnant and lactating women from the low-income group for a minimum period of 1000 days. And, by doing so, we are investing in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. 

Range of snacks for PLWs as developed by Hungry Foal

The Need

It is well established that poor maternal nutrition has major implications for fetal growth and development, and likely long-term health consequences. Despite the existing and mounting evidence for the importance of maternal nutrition, and global efforts and initiatives that have been established to prevent growth faltering during the first thousand days of life (striving to meet World Health Assembly and Sustainable Development Goals targets), maternal nutrition continues to be a neglected area. (Source: Expert consultation of PLW foods Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

A quarter of women of reproductive age in India are undernourished, with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.5 kg/m (Source: NFHS 4 2015-16 ). The major reason for stagnant levels of under nutrition among Indian children is because of a failure so far to adequately prevent under nutrition when it happens most - in the womb, which is caused by poor nutrition of women before and during pregnancy.

The Origin

The Report of an Expert Consultation held at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation described the specifications for macro- and micronutrients, forms and use-case, for a ready-to-use affordable food supplement for pregnant & lactating women in low-income settings. In 2017, Delhi based, Centre for Health Research and Development, Society for Applied Studies initiated a clinical trial titled – ‘A study on effect of Integrated Nutrition, Health, WASH, Care and Support Interventions during the Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy and Early Childhood on linear growth of children’, with the monetary / material support from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, USA and Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. The details of the trial are available at Clinical Trials Registry INDIA ; WHO International Trial Registry Platform and National Centre for Biotechnology Information .

For this trial, Hungry Foal developed and supplied a range of ready-to-use affordable food supplements / snacks (biscuits, bars, savoury snacks) for pregnant & lactating women in low income settings to the Centre for Health Research and Development, Society for Applied Studies. These snacks were developed in line with the macronutrient targets per daily single serving as recommended by The Report of an Expert Consultation held at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation . 


Thank you for your investment in Maternal, Newborn & Child Health !