Who are we?

Co-Founded by Japna Rishi Kaushik & Vivek Kumar Kaushik in May 2016 with a sole motive of making nutrition tasty, affordable and accessible to all. 

So far, Hungry Foal has come a long way from an 8 member team working out of a 4 by 6 room to know being an Organisation with more than 55 members, several channel partners and a strong market presence in most of North India’s Tier-2, Tier-3 & Tier-4 Cities.

A set of key proven, affordable, accessible & appealing nutritional products exist at Hungry Foal, that if implemented at sufficient scale, could reduce the burden of under nutrition and associated nutritional deficiencies. There is a clear need for nutritional products which can be enjoyed by children as we all adults.

While Hungry Foal is yet to be a household name in India, there is definitely growing awareness about the importance of proteins, nutrients etc in the general population. Our range has always comprised of products rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Immunity boosters, Antioxidants etc and will continue to do so in the future.

Healthy snacks are being priced such that they remain out of reach for the masses - This is where Hungry Foal comes in with being delectable yet economical.


Our Pride, Our Products


Products at Hungry foal are formulated with inclusion of whole grains/super grains/nuts and other natural ingredients, which give an overall hearty, nutritious and wholesome promotion to the health of the consumers.


Our products are tailor made to suit taste buds of all ages. Hungry Foal products are yummy and enjoyable to eat. They are simply irresistible.


We use natural ingredients and energy boosters. Packed with nuts, oats, proteins, full of fibre and low on fat, our products are designed to boost your energy levels.


At Hungry Foal, we try to include whole grains / super grains / Nuts / Honey etc. in our products, which make them highly nutritious and a fitting choice of snacks. All these ingredients are loaded with protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals ,antioxidants etc. which imparts bountiful nutritional value to our products.


Inclusion of natural best ingredients into Hungry foal products is what we work upon. Our products are filled with whole grains / super grains / nuts / Honey etc and that itself is visible hallmark of authenticity.

High Energy

Choosing the right type of food which contains the right amount of energy, vitamins and minerals is very important. Conscious efforts are made at Hungry Foal to formulate products which have high energy value to meet the daily nutrient requirement.

What makes us?

At Hungry Foal, we are manufacturing & selling validated low cost nutritional snacks in Tier 2, 3, 4 cities. Our proprietary and scale up recipes coupled with latest Food Tech, has helped us in achieving high quality & good taste, that too at a reduced cost. 

Our cost effectiveness, along with high nutritional values, comes from application of advanced food technology. Hungry Foal has launched and will continue to launch affordable products that would deliver a significant portion of an individual’s daily nutrient requirements.

We are backed by leading VCs, State Bank of India, Angel Investors and Govt of India’s Maharatna PSU - GAIL (India) Limited. A winner of Times She UnLTD. Entrepreneur Award 2019, the company has its presence in the states of UP, Delhi/NCR, Haryana & Rajasthan and also work with bodies such as VITA, Haryana, CHRD SAS etc.

The market is flooded with low priced unhealthy products or prohibitively expensive healthy products. We bridge the gap between health, taste and affordability. A growing market acceptance of Hungry Foal’s products is a testimonial to that.