Why you should consider Hungry Foal Products?

The ideal delivery form for nutritional interventions in a target population should consider the cultural, physical, social, and economic contexts paying attention to nutritional deficiencies, feeding practices, belief systems, cost, processing, convenience, appropriateness, and accessibility in terms of affordability, availability and acceptability (Hotz et al. 2016). Considering these factors, we aim to develop products at Hungry Foal.

Classic Energy Bites

Packed with energy of Oats, Nuts and Honey, these bars are dense, Chewy and flavourful. It’s a great breakfast time snack or on the go snack option.

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Choco Energy Bites

Draped in rich cocoa and topped with decadent chocochips & nuts makes it a scrumptious choice for on the go snack or playtime snacks.

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Chocochip Muffins

Made with a blend of wheat flour and oats flour, our muffins suit the taste buds of all age groups. Draped with chocolate enjoy our decadent Chocochip Muffins, which are fortified ,bountiful and all time nutritious snack.

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Inspired from our own food treasures, Panjeeri is our traditional product, made from wholewheat flour, desi ghee ,nuts and sugar. Further fulfilled with vitamins and nutrients. It’s a grainy ,crunchy and sumptuous food which can be enjoyed at anytime of the day, by all age groups.

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Nut Lite

Crunchy, salty & sweet Nut Lite, is a mix of oats, puffed rice, almonds, raisins, peanuts..all baked together to intensify their flavours & lavished with honey. Just toss in a bowl, when its time to party!

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Jeera Crisps

These Jeera Crisps made with wheat & oats, milk solids, soya protein can be enjoyed just plain with a cup of hot tea or used as a base that can be loaded with different toppings and chutneys.

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